Dance for the Camera


There is still space in Dance for the Camera in Fall 2016
Hands-on video production for Dance!
No equipment or experience required. Everything will be available in the course.
Instructor: Andrea E. Woods Vald├ęs
Lower Ark Video Lab
Monday/Wedesday - 3:05-4:30 PM
Prerequisite: One semester of any form of dance or composition in the Duke Dance Program or you should be an intermed/advanced dancer.
See works of previous students on our blog!

Synopsis: The choreographic and bodily experience essential to dance for the camera. Hands on experience in videodance production through the exploration/production of several short individual and group videodance projects. Issues in creative and conceptual thinking, experimentation, pre/post video production, camera techniques, non-linear editing (Final Cut Pro), choreography for the camera. Viewings of seminal as well as experimental videodance works; discussions; readings; internet site visits; computer lab and dance studio/shooting location time; gallery/museum or video installation site visits. Prerequisite: Intermediate or above level of any dance technique, or Dance 105S. Instructor: Woods Valdes.

Curriculum Codes
  • ALP
  • R
  • STS
Crosslisting Numbers
  • DOCST242S, AMI343S