Repertory: Modern


Spring 2017
Instructor: Barbara Dickinson
TuTh  6:15-8:00 PM

Prof. Dickinson is excited to be choreographing the music of Music Department faculty composer John Supko. His composition, This window makes me feel, is based on New York-based poet Robert Fitterman’s brilliant poem which makes use of completions of the poem’s title based on hundreds of Google searches, chronicling a vast range of human experience. Open to intermediate or advanced technique in any style, with opportunities to contribute to choreography or contribute photographically to the visual images being used.

Full text of the poem...

Standard course listing: The study of choreography and performance through participation in the mounting of a dance work from inception through rehearsal to performance. Consent of instructor required. Instructor: Dickinson, Khalsa, Woods Valdés, or staff. Half course.