Introduction to Dance


This introductory undergraduate course centralizes dance as a critically embodied practice that responds to and influences the shifting landscape of contemporary society. Working in both studio and seminar environments, we embrace dance knowledge building through viewing, reading, writing, speaking, creating, performing, and practical engagement with dance traditions and techniques as rigorous modes of investigation. Course content introduces undergraduates to dance as a topic, theory, and method of knowledge production and highlights the specific research trajectories of faculty, graduate students, and guests in the Duke Dance Program. Class sessions require students to engage global perspectives on dance, to consider dance’s ritual and wellness functions across cultural contexts, to analyze embodied performances, and to consider how dance uniquely illuminates the body’s capacity to intervene in political mobilization and change. Course meetings frequently feature invited guests and intermittent movement labs challenge students to practically engage with course concepts and critically reflect on their own embodied choice making. 

Zero dance experience or formal training required. All interests and abilities welcome. 

Instructor: Sarah Wilbur, Ph.D., M.F.A.

Fall, 2019, M/W 305-420pm

Rubenstein 131

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Curriculum Codes
  • ALP
  • CCI
Crosslisting Numbers
  • ICS102