Music for Dancers


Wednesday/Friday, 11:45AM-1:00PM
Location: Rubenstein 201

The goal of Music for Dancers is to provide musical training for dance/movement artists: 

  • Develop the ability to play rhythms and improvise with voice, body percussion, or percussion instruments.
  • Inspire listening and the ability to effectively communicate observations.
  • Develop the dancer's communication skills as they pertain to musical issues.
  • Create an awareness of the parameters of a dancer's musicianship within the technique class and in choreography.
  • Establish a common language between music and dance by attaining a working knowledge of music notation and meter.
  • Strengthen the breath-voice-body connection.
  • Develop the ability to vocalize appropriate musical accompaniment that enhances movement by bringing out the rhythmic, qualitative, and structural aspects of the phrasing.
  • Become proficient in recognizing and performing a variety of beat subdivisions at different tempos.

Taught by John Hanks, long time musician for the Dance Program and the American Dance Festival, the course will explore sonic and kinesthetic intersections, elements of music, music structures, and their relationships to movement and dance. In-class movement, rhythm, and listening exercises, both solo and in groups, along with written and creative assignments, using drums, voice, body percussion and digital audio recording. Requirements: no musical training required to take the class, however, students would ideally have some dance experience and be able to create/choreograph/improvise their own movement phrases.

Dance 375/Music 342 is offered only every other Spring in even years: 2020, 2022, etc.

Curriculum Codes
  • ALP
Crosslisting Numbers
  • MUSIC342