Amendment - A Social Choreographic Work


In times of a burning world, and the irreversible damage to our environment, the work ‘Amendment’ offers to reform our relationship to ‘the other’. The work will provide us with extraordinary experiences in movement to temporarily transcend the human/human, human/non-human divide into a relationship of reciprocal belonging. 

This is a rare opportunity to work with artist/choreographer and Duke Professor Michael Kliën to create an experimental, immersive work of choreography – a social choreography - to be situated at the Von Der Heyden Theater (19/20 April 2022). Students will engage in novel movement methodologies, that will be examined and reflected upon. We will tap into a matrix woven from a tapestry of our dreams, looking for an embodied community, a collective porous body that can govern itself from within. Rigorous dancing will ensue. New Politics could emerge. At times, the inner workings of the world will reveal themselves.

This process will equally appeal to open-minded dreamers, doers, and thinkers. We welcome EVERY BODY to partake, no matter of physical training or ability. This course will be valuable for highly skilled dancers and non-dancers alike. Willingness to physically explore the depth of one’s individual and collective psyche is essential.

 The course forms part of the BASS project: Performing Embodied Communities: New Paths for Cultural Institutions. It is not an essential requirement to engage with the BASS project outside of this course. Amendment is presented the Laboratory for Social Choreography, home at the Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke University.

Please contact Prof. Kliën asap,,  to declare your interest. Limited to 12 students.

The study of choreography and performance through participation in the research and creation of a collaborative art work (or works) from inception to performance. Service learning designated course casts students as a multi-arts production team building artistic interpretations of stories contributed by local elders living with Dementia at across several creative care gathering sites. No formal arts training required. All are welcome. 

** available as of 2022-01-01
Typically Offered
Spring Only