Postmodernism in Dance, 1950-2000


Course focusing on and analyzing the unique approaches to dance choreographies spanning late twentieth and twenty-first-century from world cultures. Discussions of choreographic approaches in their historical, political, racial, and aesthetic context. Readings will focus on creativity and choreography as a social phenomenon, as a form of racial and political activism, and as a medium of projecting gendered identity and the ever changing aesthetics. Discussions will also include postmodernism in dance and the impact of globalization on the traditional and regional aesthetics. When possible, guest artists will be invited to lead discussions.

An examination of American modern dance since the 1950s, which reinstructed what kinds of movements were considered "dance" and what kind of dance was considered art. Postmodern dance as iconoclastic and inclusive, embracing performance art and film, theater and hip hop, fostering the rebirth of modern dance in Europe between 1970-90, and now re-absorbing and recycling the new forms it helped to create. Videos of dancing, guests, workshops, performances.
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