Dance Major/Minor Production and Service Work

Ten (10) hours of Service and Production work are required of each student who has declared a Dance Major, and ten hours for a Minor. This may be completed at any time during the four-year undergraduate experience.

It is the students’ responsibility to make sure that the main office has their up-to-date record of their service hours. If the record of service hours is not reported to the office, or if the main office does not have a record of the service hours, the students’ graduation requirement would be considered incomplete.

Adrienne Brandon is in charge of this record. Whenever you work service hours, please fill out the Dance Program Service Hours Form, which is sent directly to her. If you have already worked some service hours that haven’t been reported, send her details of those service hours as well. 

  • Date of work.
  • Time of Work (e.g. 2:15-3:30 pm)
  • Nature of work - What did you do?
  • Worked by the side of ? (If a faculty member or student, please note their name)
  • Arranged work through? (probably a faculty member or Adrienne Brandon.)

The following are suggestions of the kind of work that will fulfill this major/minor requirement:

  • Volunteer at Dance Program Concerts: November Dances (fall) & ChoreoLab (spring)
    • Usher, Box Office, front-of-house
    • Sound operator
    • Lighting crew, light board operator, lighting designer
    • Stage manager
    • Backstage crew
    • Costume construction, costume design
    • House set up (risers, chairs, sound system, speakers, lighting instruments, house clean-up)
    • Strike (risers, chairs, sound system, speakers, lighting instruments, house clean-up)
    • Reception set up, take-down and serving duties
    • Costume room organization and management
    • School shows at Reynolds: traffic cop; on site liaison; help ushering children in and out 
    • Man information table or educational table at performances
    • Rehearsal Mistress; or in charge of warm-ups during dress and performances
  • For special events
    • Staff the check-in table
    • Floaters available to answer questions, greet audience/participants, seat audience/participants, direct performers/participants to bathrooms, assigned rooms, rehearsal space, etc.
    • Audio/visual personnel as aides
    • Reception set up, take-down and serving duties
  • Liaison Work with Prospective and Matriculating students
    • Man the tables for Blue Devil Days
    • Give tours, meet with students, etc.
  • Visiting Guest Artists
    • Hosting
    • Chauffering
    • Accompanying them from place to place
  • School Outreach Liaison: scheduling; organization
  • Conferences: anything you can think of