Dance Writing Award

The Dance Writing Award is a competitive award presented annually. The winning paper will be chosen from the pool of submissions received by the deadline mentioned below. The Dance Writing Award recognizes the Duke University undergraduate who has written a paper demonstrating excellence in dance writing and has proven their ability to translate the movement text to the written word.

  • Guidelines:
    • Student applicants must be enrolled in at least one dance course (half credit or full credit) in either the fall or spring semester of the academic year of their submission.
    • The submission may be a paper written specifically for this competition, or a paper written at any time in the past semesters at Duke (e.g. written for a journal or a newspaper; written for class, etc.). It can be reworked and edited as you feel is necessary.
    • The subject matter and content of the paper is open. It may be historical, theoretical, reflective or research oriented. For example, the paper may be a performance review, a reflective journal or an academic research paper. Citations in an academically acceptable method and a bibliography must be included if the nature of your paper requires it.
    • The paper is to be typed in 12 Times New Roman font, double spaced, and with one inch margins.
    • Only one entry (paper submission) per student would be acceptable.
    • The winning paper will be selected by the members of the dance faculty.
    • The winner will receive a $250 cash award. The award will be announced as part of the Arts Awards Ceremony during graduation weekend.
  • By submitting your paper, you agree to allow the Dance Program to place your paper online for others to read.
  • Please submit your paper by March 4, 2022. It should be sent electronically to the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Iyun Ashani Harrison,