Embodied Learning Summit: Yoga in the Era of #MeToo

Embodied Learning Summit image
Saturday, February 23, 2019 - 9:00am to 4:00pm

Run by the Bass Connections Mindfulness and Human Development Team, the Embodied Learning Summit is an annual effort to bring together educators, community leaders, families, and students to explore the intersection of social justice, educational systems, and research on yoga and mindfulness. It is an opportunity for the Triangle Area community to share a space to discuss relevant topics and embody the tools they can then take back to their respective settings. This iteration will emphasize the use of yoga and mindfulness practices to address issues relating to sexual trauma and the #MeToo movement.

We hope to present yoga to the community as a resource for addressing struggles related to sexual violence. While these obstacles disproportionately affect female identifying individuals, the summit hopes to include and educate all members of the community, especially other marginalized persons. We will continue to share yoga with the Triangle community by providing a safe space on the campus of Duke University for conversations about yoga, mindfulness, shifting cultural values, gender equality, and safety for all. Ultimately, we hope that these conversations and practices will transcend this experience and will be shared in other spaces. In doing so, we aim to bridge the gap between personal healing and issues of sexual violence and harassment, in order to move toward collective healing in the Triangle Area community.