Afro Cuban Dance workshop with Vladimir Espinosa

Saturday, April 29, 2017 - 3:00pm to 5:00pm

Afro-Cuban dance workshop with Vladimir Espinosa. Come and learn the dances of the Orisha and also various styles of Rumba! Put on your dancing shoes, ladies grab your large skirts, and get ready for a great time. Live drumming provided by Patrick Loebs and friends. Vaya!

Vladimir Espinosa is a musician, actor, and choreographer born in Havana, Cuba. He graduated from the ENA (school of national arts in Cuba) in 1985.He also studied with the National Folkloric de Cuba with Regino Jimenes and Pelladito: both having taught at ENA. After he graduated he became a professor and instructor in the school of the arts and the house of the culture in Havana, Cuba. Then he started a professional career for different companies as an actor, dancer, and choreographer the companies he worked with included: Teatro Caribeno (Cuba), Teatro Orile (Cuba), Compania National De Danza (Ecuador), and Rojo Oscuro (Ecuador). In 1996, Vladimir was the Artistic Director and Choreographer for the election ceremonies Miss Ecuador. Also he has been a teacher, instructor, and musician accompanist for the American Dance festival (Duram, North Carolina) since 2005. He propagandized a movie (El Accidente De La Libertad) and a co-production with Germany and Venezuela. Vladimir was part of many different groups and bands like Savuka Son, Havana Express, Coral y Esmeralda, Los Gatos, Las Manos Del Sol, Solazo, Western Mambo, Lenny Marcus Jazz Trio, Jazz Trio Michel and Vladimir, Latin Clave, and many others. Now he is currently an instructor of Latin Percussion, Afro-Cuban Dance, and Musician accompanist in residence at Hollins University. His specialties include Latin and afro-Cuban music, contemporary Latin and Afro-Cuban Folkloric Dance, and traditional African Diaspora rhythms.

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