Modern Repertory Audition

Michael Klien Modern Repertory photo
Friday, August 31, 2018 - 1:25pm to 4:25pm

FALL 2018: DANCE 412


Fridays  01:25PM to 04:25PM in Rubenstein Arts Center 224

A work that will engage dancers intellectually, emotionally as well as physically. Students will bring their dancing-self to the stage and allow for unique collective dances to emerge. The process will result in a performance work (based on improvisation) allowing for intense, brave, vulnerable, unusual, revolutionary movement. From a place of ‘not-knowing’, we will chart our way forward and let the actual ‘piece’ and presentation emerge out of shared processes and concerns. Dancers will be active contributors in shaping the work.

This class is open to all individuals utterly dedicated to dance and movement. Skill is secondary, whilst a passion for dancing and movement is of utmost importance, whether attained in studio-practice, clubs or in your dorm. For questions and how to participate please contact Prof. Michael Kliën

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Rubenstein Arts Center 224