General Information

Arrival and Departure:  

  • Please email Natalie <> your arrival and departure information and if you would like help with transport of any kind. Include when to expect you and by what conveyance (bus, plane, car, train, drone) and where you are staying. (If you do not want this information shared, please let her know.)
  • Please call or text Natalie when you actually arrive - 919-476-9411
  • We do not have an official "check in" time as folks will be arriving all day long.  
  • We will have name tags and a folder for each of you, but you can also use this website.   It will all be updated before the conference.
  • $20 conference fee payable to Natalie Gilbert upon arrival.

We have 2 gathering spaces:  

  • Room 230, Rubenstein Arts Center, 2020 Campus Drive (across from Nasher Museum) Room 230
  • Faculty Lounge 118B in Wilson Dorm, East campus  (across from the Ark Dance Studio)

Viewing classes:

  • Each day you are encouraged to check out all ADF classes (except Gaga). Regular classes are on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. "WFSS" are extra classes, workshops, etc. held on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • Schedules of times, spaces and musicians playing for class will be available when you arrive.  This is a great way to get a sense of ADF and of what is going on musically, etc.  
  • Resources - studio locations, directions, and more.
  • Please only observe (unless you have spoken to the musician playing for the class ahead of time.)  
  • If you want a temporary daily ID (must be returned at the end of each day by 5 pm)  you can go to FESTIVAL SERVICES, Room 215 A (Kathleen: 8 to 6 PM, M-F)  (10am - 4 pm on weekend  ) to get an ID So that you can get into BRODIE GYM (to watch classes, etc.) THIS IS THE ONLY BUILDING YOU CANNOT ENTER WITHOUT AN OFFICIAL ID.   Identify yourself as with ADF/IGOMID Retreat.  
  • Parking
    • IF YOU WANT A DAILY PARKING PASS for EAST CAMPUS ONLY...$5 at front desk in Wilson Dorm
    • East Campus - Asbury Methodist Church parking lot, or 2 hour limit on city streets adjacent to East Campus.
    • Free parking on East Campus after 5pm weekdays and free on weekends.
    • For Rubenstein Arts Center - free on street parking on Alexander Street, north of Campus Drive.
    • Concerts at Reynolds Theater  - Bryan Center Garage must pay as you leave...take a ticket  I think $2 per hour ...OR CARPOOL WITH NATALIE (I have a free yearly pass) or anyone who bought season ADF pass  $33...They can get in FREE at night and weekends to this lot.) 


You must let Natalie know by these dates in order to get a free ticket:

  • Ron Brown June 26th if you a want a ticket for Thursday, June 28. You could instead choose to go Friday, June 29, 8:00pm; Saturday, June 30, 7:00pm; or Children's Matinee Saturday, June 30, 1:00pm. Let Natalie know. 
  • Anne Plamondon  June 29, Noon. 
  • L-E-V Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar  noon July 2


  • If you sign up for a free ticket to go to a concert and you are attending the conference and told Natalie to sign you up....YOU MUST ATTEND.  IF YOU MUST CANCEL FOR ANY REASON  UP TO 10 MIN BEFORE THE the Audience Assistance Services office at  <>, or call/text Forrest Hershey at 941-376-4647. YOU CAN DO THIS 10 MINUTES BEFORE...but HE MUST KNOW TO RELEASE the TICKETS. 
  • Additionally, you must have a driver's license or government issued ID to pick up the ticket(s) which will be at Will Call under your name.

Musicians Concert participants: 

OUR TECH FOR MUSICIANS' CONCERT FOLKS IS SUNDAY...11:45 to 12:15 in BALDWIN (you can park free on campus over the weekends..or on the street MARKHAM across from the Baldwin Auditorium on the weekends.    ENTRANCE for tech is in BACK of Building...go up the steps to the right of the building facing it from Markham Street.  There MAY be some parking spaces in the circle drive behind it.  THE DOOR is marked and should be OPEN....follow signs to get into back of theatre and "green room."  

Busses and Rental Bikes

  • Duke maintains a fare-free intercampus bus system. CCX: Central Campus Express, runs between East and West Campus and passes by the Rubenstein Arts Center via Anderson St. It is running on a summer schedule about every 15 minutes weekday/30 minutes weekend and drives a circuitous route through Central Campus before arriving at the Rubenstein. See schedule here.
  • The Bull City Connector, route:, is a fare-free route from Duke University to the Golden Belt artistic hub, including Ninth Street and downtown Durham. The bus runs every 17 minutes! (Monday-Friday, 6:30am-9pm, and Saturday (10am-9pm)
  • There are several bike share programs in Durham: Ofo (Natalie says this one is the least expensive), Spin, and LimeBike.
2018 OFFICIAL SEASON BAR: ADF's Official Season Bar is Bull McCabe's Irish Pub! Stop in before or after a show.
Bull McCabe's Irish Pub
427 W. Main St, Durham, NC 27701
Open 11:00am-2:00am 7 days a week!

IGOMID/ADF Summer Retreat 2018 is co-sponsored by the International Guild of Musicians in Dance, the American Dance Festival, and Duke University Dance Program.