Mestre Valmir


March 7, 2017 to March 9, 2017

Capoeira Master Classes


Mestre Valmir of FICA (Fundação Internacional de Capoeira Angola) from Bahia, Brazil.

Tues March 7th and Thurs March 9th 11:45am-1:15.
Hull Studio (1515 Hull Ave, Durham NC 27705)

Open and Free Event

For more information contact Katya Wesolowski:

Born in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil, Valmir Santos Damasceno entered the world of Capoeira Angola in 1982 when he began training with the Grupo de Capoeira Angola Pelorinho (GCAP) under Mestres Moraes and Cobra Mansa.

In 1992, he received the title of Contra-Mestre while working on Capoeira Angola related projects with different social organizations, including the Associacao Livre de Moradores da Mangueira (ALMM), the Fundacao do Menor Trabalhador (FAMEB) and Projeto Axe among others.

In 1994, he left GCAP and began his own group, which later became part of Mestre Cobra Mansa’s International Capoeira Angola Foundation.

In August 2003, he received the title of Mestre at the 9th Annual International Capoeira Angola conference in Belo Horizonte. Mestre Valmir currently lives in Salvador and leads FICA-Salvador, the Brazil Head Branch of the International Capoeira Angola Foundation.