Required Coursework

Required coursework will constitute eight courses that will cover the foundation for the graduate study, including, dance theories, dance history, somatics in dance, choreography and creative practice, pedagogy, research and writing skills, and Thesis.

  • Corporeal Ideologies: Theories of Dance Studies DeFrantz (3 units)

  • Movement Research and Embodied Practices Dance faculty / Klien (3 units)

  • Contemporary Dance History Shah OR Corporeal Practices: Introduction to Dance Studies DeFrantz (3 units)

  • Choreographic Praxis Klien (3 units)

  • Mentored Creative Practice I-III Dance faculty (1+1+1 units)

  • Pedagogies in Dance Khalsa (3 units)

  • Dance Research and Writing Shah (3 units)
    Thesis Project I and II Dance faculty (3+1 units)

​Sequence of Required Coursework

Year I, Fall:

  • ​Theories in Dance (3 units)
  • Pedagogies in Dance (3 units) • Choreographic Praxis (3 units) • Elective course 1

Year I, Spring:

  • Introduction to Dance Studies OR Contemporary World Dance History (offered every alternate year, 3 units each)
  • Movement Research and Embodied Practice (3 units)
  • ​Elective course 2
  • ​Elective course 3

​Year I, Summer second term

  • Mentored Creative Practice I (1 unit)
  • ADF Summer Intensive (2 units per course, for a total of 4 units)

Year II, Fall

  • Dance Research and Writing (3 units) • Mentored Creative Practice-II (1 unit) • Elective course 4
  • Elective course 5

Year II, Spring

  • Thesis Project I (3 units)
  • Mentored Creative Practice III (1 unit) • Elective course 6
  • Elective course 7

Year II, Summer first term

  • Thesis Project II and Creative Project completion and presentation (1 unit) • Written Thesis document, oral defense and submission

MFA Thesis must be submitted and defended according to the Graduate School deadlines