Naomi “Namajala” Milagros Washington Roque

Naomi “Namajala” Milagros Washington

MFA Student

External address: 2020 Campus Drive, Suite 209, Durham, NC 27708
Internal office address: Box 90686
Phone: 919-660-3354


Naomi “Namajala” Milagros Washington Roque was born and raised in Washington DC. Proudly of African American and Puerto Rican descent by way of her parents, she is a daughter of the African diaspora through her Ancestral Lineages. Namajala is an educator and Dancer. She specializes in Cuban Casino and popular dances and Afro Cuban folklore and culture and is a principal dancer and instructor for DC Casineros Dance Company in Washington DC. She is also a dedicated student of traditional West African Dance and culture. With a Masters in Anthropology and Youth Work from Goldsmiths of London, she is committed to positive youth development. Her passions for dance and youth work propel her continued study and interest in the ways in which Traditional African music and movement inform, engage with and heal the emotional and other energetic bodies. She seeks to learn more about the cultural context and ways to invoke and access the inherent medicinal properties in these music and dance forms and re-contextualize them to support the balanced development and healing of young people and children.