Guest of Honor, Dean Valerie Ashby’s remarks for November Dances 2015

valerie ashby

It is my sincere pleasure to join you this evening.  Thank you so much to Purnima and to everyone in the Dance program for the gracious invitation.  I hope that you are anticipating with as much excitement as I am the performances that we will witness.

I must tell you that I am thrilled by what this department, these faculty members, staff members, and students mean to the liberal arts education that we are able to deliver in Trinity.  I am inspired by all that my colleagues in this department have accomplished, and I am energized as we consider all that dance and the arts on this campus can be.

Dance is a critical part of the breadth of scholarship and education to which students have access, and connects with all fields of study.  Through dance we are able to explore profound historical, cultural, aesthetic, technological, musical, scientific and creative perspectives.  Our goal is to develop creative and articulate artists who are proficient not only in technique, performance, theory, and critical analysis, but who are also able to use dance to communicate their experiences, ideas and perceptions as a world citizen.

Dance is a powerful embodied knowledge. It is a deeply personal way to communicate and reflect the deepest hopes and concerns of our society.

I am grateful for each of the participants and performers this evening because they offer us the opportunity to witness and be moved by their work; to resonate with the feelings and emotions given voice through their movements; and to be changed by this experience—if only for a few moments.

Please join me in congratulating our choreographers and performers.  Thank you again for the kind invitation and for the privilege of being here with you this evening.

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