Ark Risers and Chairs


The Ark risers are stacked/stored to the right of the entrance as you come in the studio.  There are four of each: low (home built from wood), medium (folding) and tall (folding).   

Place two of each size on the left and right sides of the space.  Place the back of the tallest risers approximately 4-5ft from the elevator, centered on the window (see photos below).  Push the medium and low risers up against the each other, front to back, and be sure they are fairly tight against the wall radiator in order to leave a decent sized aisle down the middle.

Take care when moving them; they are heavy!  Be careful of your fingers when assembling the folding riser legs, and when placing risers end to end.

Chairs can also be placed on the floor at your discretion (see slide show at right).

After your event, the risers must be restacked in the corner.

Chair storage (if applicable, see below): Please restack the chairs as pictured! Stack them parallel to the walls. Complete one row before starting the other.  Do not stack them in rows coming out from the wall; they will fall over.