Duke University Dance Program ChoreoLab 2014: "Dura"

Choreographed by Bonnie Delaune and Zsofia Solta
Music: “Bilar” by Ratatat and “Dura” by Ratatat
Danced by Kelsey Allen, Britta Anderson, Allyson Byer, Bonnie Delaune, Anna Lipkin, Morgan Lea, McKenzie Middlebrooks, Alexandra Sansosti, Zsofia Solta

In order to reach Dura, the thick membrane surrounding the brain and spinal cord, one must travel through layers of skin and bone. Dura has several folds, functions, and complexities. Reaching the most fundamental layer of one’s identity involves a process as complex and intrusive as reaching Dura. This process can be both frustrating and liberating. However, finding one’s individuality, both in terms of oneself and in the face of others, is a goal worth pursuing.