SLIPPAGE: International Metabody Forum 2015


April 11, 2015

redefine the body in Media in less simplistic ways than is usual ... counteracting technology’s increasing tendency to dampen differences

Metabody is a European project that attempts to redefine the body in Media in less simplistic ways than is usual in current information technologies, thus counteracting technology’s increasing tendency to dampen differences by reducing bodies and movements to prescribed forms in current surveillance culture.  DUKE/slippage is a signatory on this project, which won a 2.5 million euro grant for a five year exploration of art/identity/theory.

  • Tuesday, April 7, 2015, 1.25-2.40p.Hull Ave SLIPPAGE Studio: artist talk. Jaime del Val, Reverso Institute, Madrid -- Presentation of Metabody and of 4 artists projects under development in the Metabody framework.  Jaime del Val, Reverso Institute, Madrid, is a Metabody project coordinator, artist and philosopher.
  • Wednesday, April 8, 4.30-5.30p, Hull Ave SLIPPAGE Studio - lecture - performance - workshop.  Jaime del Val, Reverso Institute, Madrid -- Introducing Metabody concepts through embodied thinking in motion and the projects Disalignments and Microsexes. Microsexes is a Metaformance - ongoing process of transformation of perception - in which surveillance cameras placed on the skin become the eyes of the body, undoing the usual perceptual framing and with it the conditions of possibility of form and identity. The body becomes an amorphogenetic process of becoming, an unravelling of endless microsexes that defy binary and morphological construcionts of sex. JaiVal is an alien preacher, a microsex worker that disseminates posthuman affects through postintimate encounters for an ecology to come.
  • Outdoors performance: Metakinesphere is an analogue prototype for interactive/intra-active wearable architecture. A wearable structure made of flexible materials and translucent textiles that blurs the limits of the body and its legibility. A metabody, a body-space without recognisable form or function, that physically transforms in an elastic relation to bodily movement, bound by elastics to the "human" body which moves suspended in the relation to the architecture, while projecting its skin on the textiles through cameras placed on the skin and projecting the electronically processed voice.
  • Thursday, April 9, 4.15-5.30p, Smith Warehouse, Bay 10, 2nd floor, room 266, Duke Media Arts + Sciences - Rendezvous Jaime de Val – The goal of Media Arts + Science Rendezvous is to create a community through meeting face-to-face with other people who are interested in Media Arts + Sciences, sharing ideas / methods / resources, learning about the projects we're all working on, and socializing and getting to know each other better. Our featured speaker will give a short review of their project(s) to give us a taste of what they're thinking about and engage everyone in a discussion on the topic. Talks are very informal, often consisting of work in progress, and we encourage both "of the theory" and "of the practice" topics. The rest of the time will be open for general discussion.