Performance/Choreography Opportunities

Auditions for Performance Courses usually occur within the first week of classes for any given semester. Please refer to the Events page for dates and times.

The Dance Program presents a mainstage production each semester to serve as both a choreography and performance opportunity for students enrolled in dance courses. Students will perform faculty-choreographed works they learn during their performance courses. In addition, 15 minutes of the evening's show are reserved for high caliber student choreography. Only completed choreographic works ready for mainstage presentation will be accepted. Students eager to choreograph for the mainstage shows must audition before a faculty panel. Audition dates will be posted in Fall for November Dances and in Spring for ChoreoLab.

Guidelines for Preparing a Choreographic Work and Criteria for Evaluation

  • The Spring 2020 ChoreoLab will be in von der Heyden Studio Theater in the Rubenstein Arts Center.
  • Works should demonstrate originality and the unique voice of the choreographer. Evidence of movement invention and quality of music choice will also be considered.
  • The work must have a clear idea and intent and that idea must be articulated in the choreography. Please note that this does not necessarily mean the work must have a narrative or emotional content. It may, or may not. The important point is that the choreographic intent is clearly developed.
  • The work may include any number of dancers, and may be in any style.
  • Each choreographic work must be a minimum of five minutes.
  • Two adjudication dates will be announced each semester for faculty feedback on the work in progress. The student choreographer and all dancers in the work are required to be present at both adjudication showings. At least 50% of the choreographic work must be presented for the first adjudication, and the completed work for the second.
    • Spring, 2020, adjudication dates are in the Rubenstein Arts Center Dance Studio 224 or 201/TBD: 
      • First showing: Tuesday Feb 4, 9-10pm. Studio 201.
      • Second Showing: Tuesday Mar 3, 9-10pm. Studio 224.
    • Fall 2020/TBA
  • Required: If you are interested in presenting a choreographic work, contact the faculty adjudicators, Sarah Wilbur & Thomas F. DeFrantz, at least a week before the first adjudication.
  • A small budget is available to student choreographers selected for the mainstage performances. Costumes and other expenses are to be covered under this budget. Note that marketing and lighting design for your work is the responsibility of the Dance Program.
  • Selected student choreographers and all of their dancers must be present at the following rehearsals and performances:
    • Sunday 4/5: Load-in, possible von der Heyden spacing TBD (if groups are available they will likely each be given 1 hour. The lighting designer will be there to see your work.)
    • Your group will tech on one of these days (required of all groups, no exceptions):
      • Monday 4/6: Student TBD space/tech (in costume) 2 hours
      • Tuesday 4/7: Student TBD space/tech (in costume) 2 hours
    • Thursday 4/9: Dress run/photo & video shoot von der Heyden 6-10pm (plan 4 hours) (required of all groups, no exceptions)
    • Friday 4/10:  pre & post show installations upstairs, Performance #1, 7:30pm (plan 4 hours) (required of all groups, no exceptions)
    • Saturday 4/11: pre & post show installations upstairs, Performance #2, 7:30pm (plan 4 hours) (required of all groups, no exceptions)
    • Sunday: STRIKE (student choreographers need not be involved here unless they load-in any set/design elements)