Visiting Dance Program Classes

The faculty has an "open door" policy and welcomes and encourages prospective students to observe and participate in all classes (except the repertory classes which they can observe with permission of the instructor.) 

We request that you please schedule your visit:

  • Visit the Courses Webpage to review the list of studio courses available. 
  • Please check the Academic Calendar to be sure we are having classes on the particular day they are visiting.  
  • Once you have chosen a course to visit, fill out the Prospective Student Visit Request,  and let us know when you are coming and which class(es) you would like to attend or observe.
  • Please note: depending on the circumstances, the instructor may or may not be able to accommodate a short conference before or after class.  Please understand that certain times of the semester – production week before our mainstage concert, for example – may make it hard for the instructor to have a conference.  Thank you for your understanding. 
  • We do not have Dance Program Classes occurring during the summer months. However, if you would like a simple tour and general information about the Program, please submit the Prospective Student Visit RequestThe Main Dance Office is located at 2020 Campus Drive, Rubenstein Arts Center Suite 209.
  • This is not your official Duke tour. Please visit Duke Admissions.
  • Locations of our studios and main office.