Community Participation

Community Dance Training 

Professionals and community members may ask to take any technique and performance course.Auditions may be necessary for performance courses. We ask all participants to attend the course for the scheduled during the full semester. We do not have a drop-in-class policy. 

Please complete the following steps to register for a Duke dance course:

  1. Contact the instructor via email to ask for permission to take the course. If there is space in the course, you will be invited to take class the first week of classes to give the instructor an opportunity to assess whether the class is appropriate for your skill level if necessary. You can see what courses are currently being taught, and their location, here
  2. If the instructor grants you permission to take the class, he or she will email the Dance Office to let the staff know.
  3. Visit the Dance Office to pay for the course: set up a meeting with the Office Administrator Adrienne Brandon: We are located at: 2020 Campus Drive, Rubenstein Arts Center Suite 209, Durham, NC 27705. You will need to complete and sign a Risk Management Form and pay the $225 course fee via cash, check, or money order (sorry, credit cards not accepted).
  4. Take the receipt to your next class and give it to the faculty instructor as proof of payment.


Please note: We do not pro-rate for taking a course 1 day a week, nor do we charge more if the course meets three times a week. 

In the event of COVID-19 or variant changes, community access to Duke courses will be restricted.