Dance Repertory Contract

What is a Repertory Contract?

A Repertory Contract is permission-only agreement between you and the Dance Program that lets you to take a repertory course AND a technique course when you are at or close to the course load limit for an undergraduate.

When to Explore a Repertory Contract

If your course load is close to your absolute limit (5 course credits for first-semester freshmen; 5.5 course credits for second-semester freshmen; 6 course credits for sophomores through seniors) and you don’t have room to add a repertory and a technique course, Repertory Contract may help. We will allow you to combine one repertory and one technique course under Repertory Contract if you do not have the available credit to take both individually. PLEASE NOTE: If you have the available credit to enroll in these courses separately, we cannot allow you to sign up for them under Repertory Contract. 

The dance Repertory Contract is not intended to be a course sampler, and you must present a combination of desired courses that justify a course of study.

Process for Obtaining a Repertory Contract

  1. Discuss your plans with the faculty involved and receive approval from them before completing the Repertory Contract form. All repertory courses are permissions only courses, and each student must audition for the course, even for a Repertory Contract. If you have questions or concerns about your particular scheduling or enrollment challenges, please don’t hesitate to discuss your situation with your Dance Program advisor, Director of Undergraduate Studies, or any member of the dance faculty.
  2. Complete the online Repertory Contract form:
  3. After you submit the form, all instructors named in your contract will be notified. You will not receive your PIN number to enroll until the contract has been completed by all parties and approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies.
  4. Once you receive approval, you may enroll in the appropriate repertory course. (Please note: you are signing up for the selected Repertory course, not for the Technique course).

How a Repertory Contract Course is Graded

Your attendance and progress in class will be judged by all faculty involved in your Repertory Contract. Each faculty member will report their assessment of your work to the primary Instructor.  In-class requirements and evaluations (e.g. attendance, improvement, movement quizzes and exams) must be fulfilled as required by all faculty involved. However, you will fulfill the additional course requirements ONLY as outlined in the Primary Instructor’s Syllabus.