Please contact the Director of the MFA in Dance, Prof. Michael Klien,, with questions. 

If you have questions or technical issues completing the application, please reach out to Graduate School Admissions at 919-684-3913.

Application to the MFA in Dance: Embodied Interdisciplinary Praxis is through the Graduate School.


The Master of Fine Arts in Dance: Embodied Interdisciplinary Praxis is 2-year, full-time terminal degree in Dance dedicated to embodied knowledge and practice-led movement discourses. The program endorses dance as a politically, socially and spiritually transformative force in society and engages students at the vanguard of contemporary dance culture and praxis. The MFA encourages practice-based, interdisciplinary research that result in tangible contributions to culture at large. 

The MFA in Dance attracts 1) professional artists intending to contextualize, extend and enrich their practice, 2) those aspiring to change their career with a specific interest in dance, and 3) recent graduates who wish to pursue a graduate degree. The Program is open to students with expertise in all forms of movement practice from any culture or geographical area. The MFA aims to develop and broaden an interdisciplinary perspective through substantial coursework in related disciplines chosen from Duke's many outstanding graduate programs. During the first summer term, MFA students will also participate and contribute to the collaborative work with the American Dance Festival (ADF). 

Each applicant must submit a two to four-page written research proposal outlining their anticipated area of study, a statement of purpose detailing their practice and relationship to dance and/or choreography as well as supporting material evidencing existing artistic practice (if relevant). Applications are submitted electronically via the general Duke Graduate School application (submitted via Apply Yourself).

Contact Director of MFA: Michael Klien,

Applications processed September 2020 - February 2021. 

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