Undergraduate Studies

Our Mission

Duke’s Undergraduate Dance Program prepares exceptionally aware, creative and socially responsible individuals. Our curriculum is grounded in contemporary movement practice, choreography and theory foregrounding the transformative socio-political potential of dance in society.

What to Expect 

The Duke Dance Program will engage you in the profound potential for dance as embodied knowledge. Whether you had extensive training in dance or none at all, our curriculum provides broad opportunities to encounter dance traditions and movement experimentation as processes of discovery, communication, inquiry, and discourse. As a fundamentally human activity, dance allows you to move into action, agency, and sustainability with tools that can form and transform relationships locally and globally. If you are passionate to turn the world into magnificence and want to shake it into awareness, you have arrived. Join us.


  • Internationally renowned faculty that are (or have been) successful practicing artists, choreographers and performers
  • Theory and Technique & Performance courses that allow you to explore different cultures, pair your studies with other disciplines, and prepare for myriad of professional careers.
  • The interdisciplinary nature of our curriculum will encourage you to view the whole of Duke as a resource for informing and deepening your artistic expression and technique.
  • Vibrant student dance community - our student advisory council, and student performances