Where Our Students Are Now

Are you considering studying dance at Duke? Here is some feedback and news from our former and current students to help you make your decision.


Alyah Baker, T'03, Dancer and Choreographer

alyah baker

Every time I entered the studio for technique class or one of many rehearsals, I knew that I was in for an experience that was not only shaping me as a dancer, but as a person.

Anne Talkington, T'15

anne talkington image

....I am passionate about the performing arts, especially the expression found through dance.  

Courtney Kristen Liu, T'13

courtney liu

Dancer, dance educator, and candidate for the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) at Duke

Stephanie Joe, T'16

stephanie joe 2019

Stephanie joined Singapore Dance Theater as an Artist in September 2019

Lexy Lattimore, T'14

lexy lattimore 2

...passionate about the ways in which movement and dance build and strengthen community.

Rebecca Holmes '15

Founder of Ello Raw

Maurice Ivy Dowell, T'16

Maurice Ivy

....Member of the Seán Curran Dance Company.

Quinn Lipton T’07

...my Duke education will enable me to explore my interest in dance beyond the physical realm

Kara Medoff Barnett, T'2000

Named Executive Director of American Ballet Theater in 2016.

Danika Manso Brown

Danika Manso Brown

Her works are rooted in the idea that art is the tool necessary to forward the dialogue surrounding social injustice and change

Spencer Paez T'13

"... you had a big impact on me as a performer!"

Miurel Price, '15

... studying how dance therapy can improve the health of elderly populations.

Rebecca Pham, T14

I've been blessed to find a dance education that is therapeutic and empowering.

Summer Robbins

I loved performing at the basketball games because it is really fun to perform for people who would otherwise not see you dance.

Anna Hevia T'12

One day I will total the hours I spent in ballet class with Tyler and Julie and modern with Barbara and Andrea and I know it will end up being more than I spent doing anything else at Duke.

Monica Hogan Thysell T'12

Monica Hogan Danceworks, Director: "In so many ways, the Duke Dance Program truly helped me to grow into myself as a performer, a choreographer, and as a person."

Sarah McCaffrey T'13

Not only have I grown as a technician, but the entire faculty has helped to nurture and support my development as an artist and independent thinker.

Alana Jackson T'13

The performing arts are a lens that I think could be a powerful tool for promoting healing and health, as opportunities for literal vocalizations of the self and achievements of voice as a means to health.

Betsy Boxberger T'13

I learned how to analyze dance from multiple aspects, studying the history, structure, and concepts of dance, in addition to the physical movement.

Amanda Exley, T'94, Dancer and Choreographer, Artistic Director of Duende Dance

The Duke Dance faculty gave me the knowledge, experience and inspiration to use my academic studies at Duke to become an international professional dancer and choreographer.

Heather Larsen Shaw, T'97, Arts Administrator, NYC

Even when I am not dancing I am using something I learned in dance: I am unafraid to speak, to put it down on paper, to express myself, to verbalize ideas, even when I was an assistant and was speaking to the CEO.

Sandy Chase, ME'91, owner/executive producer of Fluid Film

The training I received at Duke provided a foundation for technique that helped me get into Momix, a professional, full-time internationally-touring modern dance company.

Bevin Franks Newton, T'93

Duke provided me with a wealth of performance experiences.

Marion Rucker, Law'99

Dance not only enhances mental agility necessary to succeed in a university such as Duke, it stands alone as a unique mode of expression.

Jen Durkin, T'97, Associate Producer, TV News, Charlotte, NC

My dance education infected me with a unique, creative flavor.

Tiffany Montgomery, T'97, Associate Producer, NFL Films, NYC

As a film editor for NFL, the brutal choreography of football, the smooth edit and cut, are things I learned on the dance floor and in performance.

Valarie Samulski, T'01

The quality of craft taught at Duke and the expertise of the faculty outstrips almost every experience I have had in the professional dance scene in New York City.

Connie Leeper, T'06

The Dance Program at Duke was the deciding factor for me between Duke and other schools.

Gretchen Wright, T'09

Duke was the only school I could find with a dance program that was equally as strong as its academic program.