Fees and Financial Support

The Duke Dance Program works with all accepted students to relieve the cost of attending Duke university. While we are unable to offer debt-free enrollment for all admitted students at the present time, all MFAEIP students receive financial support in the form of a Dance Program stipend to help offset tuition costs.  Graduate dance students are also encouraged to apply for additional financial support in the form of Dance Program graduate assistantships, graduate fellowships offered through Duke Institutes and the Graduate School, assistantships in the arts and allied fields, and competitive scholarships as they arise.

In addition to Program-specific financial awards, many MFAEIP students finance their education through loans, grants, and federal work study (US citizenship required). Repayment of loans is entirely the responsibility of the student.

There are many types of financial aid for higher education. It is important for MFAEIP students in need of aid to study and familiarize themselves with forms of debt relief through available web resources (see, for example: https://finaid.org/). Students who are considering student loans are encouraged to investigate the repayment schedule of any loan before cosigning, and to learn about Income Based Repayment and Public Service Loan Forgiveness Programs that can alleviate some of the costs of borrowing money.

Applicants who are US citizens and who would like to be considered for federal loans are strongly encouraged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to learn about their eligibility for public aid or lower-interest loans.

For more information, email the Graduate School Financial Aid Office at grad-finaid@duke.edu or visit the Duke Graduate School website for helpful information on financial support for Master of Fine Arts students. Duke’s Office of Research Support also provides details on potential funding sources for graduate study at Duke.