Engagement Activities

For your dance technique courses you may be required to attend four Engagement Activities outside of your regular class time. The purpose of these Activities is to deepen your dance experience by engaging with guest artists, students and faculty outside of your course. One or two of the Engagement Activities must be a professional dance concert, such as November Dances, ChoreoLab, or Duke Performances.  The other two or three Engagement Activities could include: other professional and/or Dance Program-sponsored performances; any Backstage Series events; Special Topics lectures or workshops with Duke or other faculty and/or guest artists.  All Engagement Activities are announced on Dance Program website under the Events menu, and/or email newsletters. Please consult with your professor if you are not sure a particular Activity will qualify.  

Please document your attendance using THE ENGAGEMENT ACTIVITY RECORD SHEET that is available below for downloading (or similar).  Be sure to have your record sheet signed by any Dance Faculty member in attendance at the completion of the event.  You will submit this documentation in your end-of-semester folder.