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Our Alumni
  • Ife’s artistic work is currently centered around the creation and sustaining of “emancipated spaces” that can provide a location for Black Woman Artists to unpack the effects of misogynoir…
  • An artist and educator dedicated to learning, integrating, embodying and sharing the medicines of Afro-Atlantic diaspora movement and music through a spiritual framework.
  • ...explores identity and sexuality as a route to creating inclusive immaterial space wherein Black femmes are self-possessed agents acknowledged for defining the multiplicity of their worlds…
  • Stilt walker, political organizer, North Carolina native, Princeton alumnus and dancer Courtney Crumpler brought a capacious appetite for collective movement as a political technology…
  • “My time in the Dance Program has meant that I have been able to keep dance central to my life, allowing me to learn new things—not just about the technique—but also about the history, the…
  • A trans-disciplinary movement artist and graphic designer who creates interactive and immersive experiences that emphasize modes of embodiment. Her thesis, "I Am. We Are.", is a series of…
  • "The Dance Program has allowed me to work in the technical mindset of an engineer by day while simultaneously prioritizing creativity by letting the left-brain roam free in the place I will…
  • ...a dance artist and scholar working at the intersection of art and embodied activism. Her thesis project, “Quare Dance: Fashioning a Black, Queer, Fem(me)inist Aesthetic in Ballet,”…
  • Choreographer, teaching artist and performer. Building on a foundation of progressive, feminist and critical pedagogy, her thesis project brings relevant literature into a toolkit for ballet…
  • "My time in the Dance Program allowed me to healthily balance the stress of my other academic pursuits."
  • “The Dance Program has allowed me to think about dance in a completely different way by providing some of the most unique classes, like ‘Dancing States of Mind’ and ‘Performance and Technology…
  • Her works are rooted in the idea that art is the tool necessary to forward the dialogue surrounding social injustice and change
  • ....Member of the Seán Curran Dance Company.
  • Named Executive Director of American Ballet Theater in 2016.
  • ...passionate about the ways in which movement and dance build and strengthen community.
  • Dance Program Alum and Featured DEMAN Weekend 2017 Presenter
  • Stephanie joined Singapore Dance Theater as an Artist in September 2019
  • ....I am passionate about the performing arts, especially the expression found through dance.  
  • Monica Hogan Danceworks, Director: "In so many ways, the Duke Dance Program truly helped me to grow into myself as a performer, a choreographer, and as a person."
  • ... studying how dance therapy can improve the health of elderly populations.
  • "... you had a big impact on me as a performer!"
  • Founder of Ello Raw
  • I learned how to analyze dance from multiple aspects, studying the history, structure, and concepts of dance, in addition to the physical movement.