Dance Minor

The dance minor provides an historical and theoretical foundation for the students' creative work. Students will participate in dance creation and performance, and develop technical skills that will deepen their scholarly appreciation of dance as a medium. Our primary goal is to enable you to articulate the visual and physical spheres of dance and to be able to write and to speak clearly about dance. You should develop an ability to see your own art work within the context of the larger field of dance, and then in relation to general art aesthetics.

The minor is designed to balance creative and performance aspects of dance with historical and theoretical aspects. Our students are expected to attain and/or maintain the intermediate to high intermediate level of either ballet, modern or African dance technique.

Course Requirement: 6 Credits

  • DANCE 101
  • Four full-credit courses
  • One course credit made up of partial or full-credit course(s)


Substitutions for the minor requirements may be made only with the permission of the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS). For example, with the permission of the DUS, a student may be allowed to substitute a full-credit dance course for one of the required performance courses.

Courses taken abroad may fulfill minor requirements.

Students are encouraged to enroll in at least one summer session with the American Dance Festival (ADF). One course credit earned at the ADF may be counted toward the minor requirements.

Through the Duke in New York Arts Program students have the opportunity to spend the fall semester of the junior or senior year studying in New York City. Appropriate courses taken at New York University may fulfill minor requirements.

Selecting an Advisor

Upon declaration of the minor, make an appointment with the Director of Undergraduate Studies, who will support advisement.