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Dance Undergraduate Program

The Dance Program welcomes all students, regardless of the extent of their experience in dance. The curriculum provides opportunities to encounter dance traditions and movement experimentation as processes for discovery, communication, inquiry and discourse. Students already deeply engaged in specific dance forms can explore and further enhance their physical, performance and creative capacities. Students will experience dance as a mode for personal development and leadership, and as a transformative force for social action. As the landscape of dance continues to evolve, Duke Dance students will gain the knowledge and skills to impact the nature and function of dance in contemporary society and reimagine the future of performance. They will move into action, agency, and sustainability with tools that can transform relationships locally and globally.

Students are encouraged to enroll in a summer session with the American Dance Festival. One course credit earned at the American Dance Festival may be counted toward the requirements of the major or minor.

Through the Duke in New York Arts Program a student has the opportunity in the fall semester of the junior or senior year to pursue the study of the arts in New York City. Appropriate courses taken at New York University may fulfill a requirement of the major or minor. Twenty hours total of service work are required of each student majoring or minoring in Dance. This may be completed at any time during the four-year undergraduate experience.

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