Dance Performance collage
Dance Program: Spring Auditions
Audition dates: January 18-20 | times vary
Sarah Wilbur
Salon discussion & book launch with Dance Program faculty member Sarah Wilbur | January 20 at 5:00pm

Duke University Dance Program

The Duke University Dance Program focuses on dance as an integral part of the human experience and a medium for rigorous intellectual creativity. Our program prepares exceptionally aware, creative and socially responsible individuals. Our aim is to engage students in the profound potential for dance as embodied knowledge in the service of society. The Dance Program curriculum is designed to encourage the exploration of dance from interdisciplinary perspectives: historical, cultural, aesthetic, literary, technological, musical, scientific and creative.

Undergraduate Program

Offering a major and minor, our provides unique opportunities to encounter global dance traditions and movement experimentation for discovery, inquiry and discourse. The curriculum is designed to suit the interests of students with varied levels of experience in dance, encouraging them in multi- and inter-disciplinary engagements.

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Featured Courses


This writing-intensive seminar casts students as a research team engaging in multiple ways with the interdisciplinary field of critical dance studies. Students read and analyze foundational texts and… read more about Movement in Question: Introduction to Critical Dance Studies »


Progression of Dance 220 with increased emphasis on line, style, and performance-level quality and technique. Diverse batterie, pirouettes, and tours included in allegro combinations. Prerequisite:… read more about Advanced Ballet »

Graduate Program

The Master of Fine Arts in Dance: Embodied Interdisciplinary Praxis is a 2-year, full-time terminal degree in Dance. The program endorses dance as a politically, socially and spiritually transformative force in society. The MFA encourages practice-based, interdisciplinary research that has the potential to result in tangible contributions to society at large.

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