Visiting Artists & Arts Researchers

The Dance Program MFA in Dance, SLIPPAGE, Duke Performances, and others, bring inspirational and talented individuals and companies to Duke to work with faculty and students in creative collaboration. 

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  • Duke University and American Ballet Theatre begin a three-year partnership in 2018/2019.
  • ... there are no limits. 
  • ... an exploration of performance as an ever-evolving field within social and visual life.
  • What does it mean to improvise? What does it mean to do science?
  • ...feeling — its emotional and kinetic weight — underlies King’s choreographic vision.
  • Can dancing in natural settings serve to generate theoretical insights into the human relationship with the earth?
  • How can dance be used to reconcile traumatic histories?
  • ... scholarly work currently centers on the ethics and effectiveness of political concert dance, ecstatic states cultivated in Appalachian charismatic Pentecostalism, the relationship between Pragmatist philosophy, embodiment, and interdisciplinary performance research...
  • Brooklyn-based choreographer from Uruguay, has been making work in NYC and Uruguay independently and collaboratively since 1999
  • ...seeks to refigure athletics through the lens of dance, urging us to reimagine how we think about sports, economics, and even politics through the lens of martial arts.
  • Cunningham Technique as a Practice of Freedom masterclass series, "a laboratory to research how we can apply Cunningham principles to our own movement interests"
  • Her research examines Asian American dance and performances of non-normative bodies in the context of empire, and shifting terms of race, gender and citizenship with specific attention to dance in the context of Japanese American wartime incarceration.
  • ... her company will participate in dance classes, public conversations, and visits to local high schools — providing Duke and Durham an opportunity to engage with an artist working at the vanguard of American dance.
  • ...continues a full and ongoing process of discovery, transition and transformation, by constantly reinvestigating and reinterpreting the power of dance...
  • ....Member of the Seán Curran Dance Company.
  • Faculty at the UNC-School of the Arts, an Alvin Ailey 2015-16 New Directions Choreographer, a former dancer with Ron K. Brown/Evidence and currently with Camille A. Brown & Dancers...
  • Internationally acclaimed contemporary dance artist, celebrated particularly for her work as a Principal Dancer for the Martha Graham Dance Company
  • Their collaboration offers a fascinating dialogue between the spectacular dance traditions and distinctive movement vocabularies of India and Sri Lanka.
  • ...specializes in the multidisciplinary field of Caribbean Cultural Studies with a focus on Cuba and Haiti
  • ... creates works that draw on inherent themes of the human experience, reimagining archetypal relationships through compositional innovation
  • Whether with an individual or group, my goal is to help build robust skills and a flexible mindset in conflict through coaching, mediation, facilitations, talks, workshops and public dialogue.
  • I love moving to music. I always have. For me, it’s like seeing the music.
  • The mission of Dance Heginbotham is to move people through dance.