Dance Major

Course Requirement: Minimum of 10 Course Credits

  • DANCE 101 (Introduction to Dance) or DANCE 165 (Let's Dance!)
  • DANCE 487S (Capstone Seminar: Research Methods and Writing in Dance Studies and Choreographic Performance)
  • DANCE 489T (Capstone: Senior Project), or DANCE 499S (Capstone Seminar: Distinction Project)
  • Two-course credits of half (.5) or full (1) movement courses. Only two performance course credits will be applied to the major requirements. 
  • Remaining five credits may be selected from any of the following areas:
    • Dancing Cultures
    • Being and Healing
    • Process, Practice, and Research
    • Social Issues and Social Action

Selecting an Advisor

Upon declaration of the major make an appointment with the Director of Undergraduate Studies.  An advisor will be assigned to each student. See Advisors for Major and Request Form.


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