Student Advisory Council

The Dance Program Student Advisory Council engages dance majors in helping to improve the program and engage Duke undergraduates more broadly. The Dance Program provides food for the council meetings.

The Council has the following functions:

  • Serve as a formal and regular liaison between students and dance faculty.
  • Make recommendations on guest artists/guest faculty, projects, events, etc.
  • Advise on promoting and building interest in the program.
  • Bring issues of concern to the faculty.

Below are the procedures/timeline for elections/meetings of this body:

  • Elections of one person from each of the sophomore, junior and senior classes will be held at the Majors/Minors meeting in September.  Juniors and seniors who have declared a dance Major/Minor may serve. The sophomore position is open to any interested persons. All students attending the Major/Minor meeting in September are eligible to vote.
  • Council members meet by themselves in September.
  • Council participates in a faculty meeting in October.
  • Council invites faculty to a meeting in November or by the end of the semester.
  • Election of one person from the freshman class to be held in December so that a freshman representative can join the Council in the spring. The Student Advisory Council will conduct that election.
  • Repeat in the spring semester with meetings in January, February and March/April.
  • Maintain continuity by setting electionsn for sophomores, juniors and seniors in March or April for the following year.