Congratulations Dance Program Class of 2021

A message from Andrea E. Woods Valdés, Director of the Dance Program

"Congratulations to the class of 2021! I am sure you have anticipated and envisioned this day for quite some time. Here it is in all its complications and glory. On behalf of the Duke Dance Program, I can say we acknowledge you as champions of creativity, embodied innovation, and perseverance. We thank you for the time and detail you put into your dreams and accomplishments over the past four years. Part of our job has been to challenge and guide you in expanding your experiences and expressions. However, a wonderful result of guiding you through those challenges is being inspired and motivated by your creative problem solving and deeper dive into what has become rich contributions to the dance field and our Program. It is more evident than ever that you have inherited a complex world in need of healing, authenticity, wise perception, tolerance, and action. We have high expectations for you as we know you will move forward and continue your scholarly, artistic, and life journey as a contributor who has been prepared to work for change.  Dancer and anthropologist Pearl Primus refers to dance as “strong magic” which I believe refers to the power of dance to work for and embody transformation even amongst resistance and disbelief. The Dance Program is all about the human experience as embodied, social, political, aesthetic, and cultural action. We are proud you chose to discover and enact the human embodied experience through the intensity of a dance major or minor and we will continue to celebrate you as our alum. We wish you the very best. Continue to continue." 


Cordelia Hogan
Megan Mauro



Akylah Cox
Kyra McDonald
Jillian Suprenant