Arts Activism & Everyday Technology


Monday/Wednesday | 3:30-4:45pm
Instructor: Iyun Harrison
RAC 202

In the last decade, smartphones and social media have been utilized to expose societal inequity and injustice. This course explores the intersection of arts activism and digital activism, both of which sprout from a desire to effect change. In Arts Activism & Everyday Technology, students integrate their social media savvy and passion for exerting influence into a formalized generative art practice (using dance, film, photography, drama, music, visual art, creative writing, and digital media design) addressing a topical issue. Students study past and present artist-activists, research an area of interest and use their smartphones to create a culminating interdisciplinary digital exhibition.

Curriculum codes: ALP

** available as of 2022-08-15
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Typically Offered
Fall Only