Indigo Tent: Caroline and Jim, More than a Silhouette

October 29, -
A collaboration between Duke Dance Professor Ava LaVonne Vinesett, the Duke Dance Program, the Durham Arts Council, and Indigo Yard Gals, "Indigo Tents" offers a participatory component of the multi-pronged, multi-year "Living Memorials" series of site-responsive "public rituals" acknowledging and re-consecrating several race-based sites of brutality in North Carolina.

These public gatherings include workshops,"truth telling," and serve as pilots for ongoing portable installations. Encompassing movement, sound, song, and visual structures,"Indigo Tents" builds on local and regional public histories ​with keen attention to who and what is absent or under-represented in narratives of our community. All members of the public are invited and encouraged to participate in the unfolding of these intimate gestures of care and connection.

As creatives committed to site-responsive dialogues and concrete initiatives to counter such erasures, we hope you will participate in "Indigo Tent @ Duke Homestead: Living Memorials 2022."

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Co-sponsors: Duke Dance Program; Duke University Arts & Sciences Council on Faculty Research; N.C. Division of State Historic Sites with a special thank you to
Michelle Lanier, Afro-Carolinian folklorist, and Director of NCDSHS; Duke Homestead; Durham Arts Council Emerging Artists; Indigo Yard Gals; and salt mark studios

Image courtesy of the State Archives of North Carolina

Dance Program

Indigo Tent: Caroline and Jim, More than a Silhouette


Brooks Emanuel