Clay Taliaferro visits Art of Performance classes

On Friday, Feb. 21 and Monday, Feb. 24, students in the "Beyond Technique: Art of Performance" classes had the opportunity to work with Emeritus Professor Clay Taliaferro. Also an award-winning performer and choreographer, Clay generously spent time with Dance Program students. 

"My studio work (technique) or, as I prefer to call it, exploration of movement, continues to stress the use of the whole body as organism, and, in this, focus on the endless duet that it has with space.  Emphases are on: functional alignment and the varying degrees of effort used in its maintenance in motion through space; rhythm as an impetus for movement; use of breath and physical weight in movement; clarity of intent—going the mile—“dance, facilitating the dance" of one’s choice, dance that I call “permanent-wave” modern dance.   By-products of the work are: deeper awareness—both of self, as well as the space around us—increased strength, flexibility, coordination, and a larger movement vocabulary from which to choose for one's own use."