Dance Program's Natalie Marrone choreographs dance for film coming to Durham in August

The feature film, "Alto," written and directed by Mikki del Monico, is the Women's Feature at the NC Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, August 14-22. Duke Dance Program instructor Natalie Marrone's choreography, using traditional Italian dance, serves as the pivoting point in the film starring Annabella Sciorra, Diana DeGarmo, Billy Wirth, Lin Tucci, and Natalie Knepp.
Shot on location in New York City, Marrone choreographed the Italian Festival scene with dancers from North Carolina and New York.
For this film, Marrone’s research on a legendary courtship dance from Apulia, known as La Pizzica, becomes the pivot point through which the two main characters express their love.

The film will be shown at the Carolina Theater, Sat., Aug. 15 at 7 pm, and Sat., Aug. 22 at 11 a.m. Individual tickets will go on sale on Aug. 3.
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