HOT WATER - Water, Peace & War - Call for Contributions

'HOT WATER – Water, Peace & War' will form a virtual exhibition, made by entries from artists, scientists, activists and youth from around the world.
Deadline 14 March 2015. Detailed info in EnglishEspañol & Français.  Deadline: March 14, 2015.

The English expression "To be in HOT WATER" means to be in trouble.  Currently, climate change, environmental decline, rights violations, volatile politics and conflict all suggest "HOT WATER". Water is a critical element for all beings on Earth. A symbol of life and a "common good" which should be available to all, water is quickly becoming a commodity to some, and often taken as hostage in conflicts to besiege and displace populations. Corporates, governments, and industries such as mining and tourism use it for their own short-term benefits, depriving people - especially Indigenous people and farmers - of their rights, causing pollution, threatening health and the environment, and compromising long-term water management.  
How can art, science, design, and activism reinstate the social, cultural and environmental value of water? How can we share the responsibility of water in a positive way? How can we all preserve the right of access to water? How can intergenerational knowledge-sharing get us out of "HOT WATER", end conflict and find peace?