Podcast: Dr. Rosalind Canizares on "Overuse Injuries in Dancers"

photo of Dr. Rosalind Canizares

Check out the podcast interview that alum Dr. Rosalind Canizares has on the website, Physiotherapy Performance Perspectives, on "Overuse Injuries in Dancers."  Please see the links below and share with whoever you think may benefit from hearing it!  There are other good topics on the site, too. 

Physiotherapy Performance Perspectives website: http://ptperformancepersp.wixsite.com/home/podcast

Dr. Canizares podcast: https://soundcloud.com/user-355179038

Dr. Canizares is the PT at The Dancer Wellness Clinic, located in the Student Health Building next to Penn Pavilion: https://danceprogram.duke.edu/events/dancer-wellness-clinic