Studio Scheduling

Here are the guidelines for scheduling space in one Dance Program facilities.

We do not handle scheduling for the Rubenstein Arts Center. Please refer to their webpage,, and scroll to "Student Reservations."

  • All Ark space requests must be made through 25-LIVE scheduling site - No Exceptions.
  • Do not contact the Dance Office with requests, as they will not and cannot submit them for you.

Here are two helpful info links: 


  • The Duke Dance Program Office is located in the Rubenstein Arts Center, 2020 Campus Drive, Suite 209, Durham, NC 27705 (aka "the Ruby".) 
  • The Dance Program cannot make available space for non-Duke affiliated individuals or groups.
  • All space requests are subject to approval by the Dance Program and/or the Rubenstein Arts Center. While we wish to accommodate and support other dancers and dance groups when possible, the needs of the Dance Program will take priority.
  • Allow at least one full week for 25-Live request processing. No exceptions. In accordance with new space request/approval procedures, requests made less than a week (7 days) ahead will be denied.
  • Note: the Ark is building 7207-101. 
  • The Dance Program will not provide sound reinforcement, boomboxes, or any other audio playback devices. Plan to bring you own playback equipment if needed. The Ruby studios have built-in audio capabilities.
  • Booking the Ark basement studio at the same time as a regular class upstairs is not advised.  The sound from the class upstairs can bleed into the basement, or vice versa.
  • The Dance Program has priority over its studio usage. In rare circumstances, the Dance Program may be obliged to cancel your request under emergency situations. Every effort will be made to give advance warning is this becomes necessary.