Luciana Achugar

Luciana Achugar
Brooklyn-based choreographer from Uruguay, has been making work in NYC and Uruguay independently and collaboratively since 1999

Luciana Achugar, a Brooklyn-based choreographer from Uruguay, has been making work in NYC and Uruguay independently and collaboratively since 1999. She is a two-time Bessie Award recipient and was nominated for a 2016 Bessie for Outstanding Production for her latest An Epilogue for OTRO TEATRO: True Love. She was a 2017 Alpert Award recipient, a Guggenheim Fellow, and a Foundation for Contemporary Arts Grantee, amongst other accolades. She was one of DanceMagazine's 2012 "25 to Watch" and her Bessie Award-winning work PURO DESEO was named one of 2010 Time Out/NY's "Best of Dance." Her works also include The Pleasure Project and OTRO TEATRO.

Luciana Achugar's residency will include the following events:

  • Sept. 26 & 27: Intensive Workshop for MFA students and guests.
  • Sept. 27: 4PM, Public Lecture/Presentation, the ARK*

*The Public Lecture is free and open to all, no registration required.

Location: The Ark, 14 Epworth Dorm Lane, Durham, NC

The Luciana Achugar's residency is part of the MFA in Dance: Embodied Interdisciplinary Praxis Graduate Movement Research Guest Series 2019-20: On a Darkness that Cannot be Dispelled: Moving into the Anthropocene, curated by Michael Kliën, Director, MFA in Dance.

Public Lecture Info: 

luciana achugar's OTRO TEATRO (Other theater or theater for the Other)

An introduction to achugar's work and her ongoing search for another kind of theater, a theater for and of the other that gives voice to the silenced, oppressed and repressed and less valued aspects of being in our bodies and our experience. A search for an undoing of the inequality and abuse of power of the first world (class difference, gender inequality, racism and colonialism), that she grew up deeply aware of having been born and raised in Latin America with politically exiled parents; and search for an undoing from the inside out by not subscribing to and subverting the notion that the animal, the irrational, the feminine, the uncivilized, the non-European, and the felt experience is lesser, unruly or “ugly". achugar will show excerpts of her work as that is not interested in cultural stereotypes of otherness but it has within its aesthetic a feminist Latinx perspective that aims to undo the foundational structures and value system within euro-centric patriarchy and that identifies with the Other, the uncivilized, the second sex, the non-white European, the animal and the silenced voice of instinct and feminine desire in our society.