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Our Alumni
  • The opportunities to understand artists and production so thoroughly has given me an edge in my entertainment law career today.
  • Duke was the only school I could find with a dance program that was equally as strong as its academic program.
  • The Dance Program at Duke was the deciding factor for me between Duke and other schools.
  • My dance education infected me with a unique, creative flavor.
  • As a film editor for NFL, the brutal choreography of football, the smooth edit and cut, are things I learned on the dance floor and in performance.
  • Dance not only enhances mental agility necessary to succeed in a university such as Duke, it stands alone as a unique mode of expression.
  • Duke provided me with a wealth of performance experiences.
  • The quality of craft taught at Duke and the expertise of the faculty outstrips almost every experience I have had in the professional dance scene in New York City.
  • The training I received at Duke provided a foundation for technique that helped me get into Momix, a professional, full-time internationally-touring modern dance company.
  • Even when I am not dancing I am using something I learned in dance: I am unafraid to speak, to put it down on paper, to express myself, to verbalize ideas, even when I was an assistant…
  • The Duke Dance faculty gave me the knowledge, experience and inspiration to use my academic studies at Duke to become an international professional dancer and choreographer.
  • Not only have I grown as a technician, but the entire faculty has helped to nurture and support my development as an artist and independent thinker.
  • One day I will total the hours I spent in ballet class with Tyler and Julie and modern with Barbara and Andrea and I know it will end up being more than I spent doing anything else at…
  • I've been blessed to find a dance education that is therapeutic and empowering.
  • The performing arts are a lens that I think could be a powerful tool for promoting healing and health, as opportunities for literal vocalizations of the self and achievements of voice as a means…